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Family Dentistry in Jupiter, FL

Smiles Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida, offers family dentistry so that patients of all ages can benefit from the care and expertise of Sharada Kacham, DDS. We perform dental treatments on children, teenagers, and adults who live in West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities in Palm Beach County.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is similar to general dentistry. However, instead of treating only one demographic, a family dentist such as Dr. Kacham specializes in dentistry for patients of all ages, from childhood through adulthood. Younger patients have unique needs related to erupting teeth and early signs of orthodontic needs. Older patients may require dentures, crowns, and dental implants. By offering services for all ages, we provide families with a single dental practice that meets all their needs for high-quality care.

Family Dentistry Benefits and Treatment Options

By offering family dentistry, Smiles Dentistry offers comprehensive dental care in one location. Parents feel confident with entrusting their child’s care in Dr. Kacham’s hands, and adults appreciate her compassionate approach to oral healthcare.

Why is Family Dentistry Important?

With family dentistry at Smiles Dentistry, you and your children can be established with the same dentist over the course of your lifetime. You no longer need to worry about changing dentists as you or your children get older.

What Procedures are Included Under Family Dentistry?

Smiles Dentistry offers the following family dentistry services:

Your Family Dentistry Appointment

Dental treatments can make children and adults feel anxious. We recommend that you meet with Dr. Kacham for a consultation to begin your lifelong relationship with Dr. Kacham and her staff.

How Much Does Family Dentistry Cost in Jupiter?

Family dentistry is covered by dental insurance. You will have some out-of-pocket expenses that can be paid with cash, personal check or credit card. If you are interested in dental financing, we encourage you to apply with CareCredit®.

Is Family Dentistry Right for Me?

Family dentistry is recommended for patients of all ages. Your child should have his or her first dental appointment at one year of age or six months after the first teeth erupt, whichever is sooner.

If you are looking for a new home for your dental care, Smiles Dentistry offers family dentistry for children, adolescents, and adults who live in Palm Beach County, including Jupiter and West Palm Beach. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Sharada Kacham, DDS, at our office in Jupiter.