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Dental X-Rays in Jupiter, FL

Not all oral health problems can be detected by the human eye, so dental x-rays are an important part of keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful. Smiles Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida, led by Sharada Kacham, DDS, offers dental x-rays and diagnostics for children, teenagers, and adults who live in West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities in Palm Beach County.

What are Dental X-Rays?

Similar to x-rays that are used to find problems in your body, dental x-rays are diagnostics tools that allow Dr. Kacham to perform an in-depth evaluation of your teeth, gums, jaw, and bone. Several x-rays are needed to evaluate your oral health.

Dental X-Rays Benefits and Treatment Options

The mouth and jaw are comprised of bones, soft tissue, and teeth that can only be examined by taking several dental x-rays. A few of the different x-rays we offer here at Smiles Dentistry include:

  • Occlusal x-rays to detect teeth that have not erupted through the gums
  • Bitewing x-rays of the lower and upper teeth in the back of the mouth
  • Panoramic x-rays of the nasal cavity, teeth and jaw, including the joints
  • Periapical x-rays of an entire tooth, including the bite surface, exposed tooth surface and root

Why are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

We recommend that you have dental x-rays at least every two years. Dr. Kacham may recommend more frequent dental x-rays if she suspects a problem or if you have a history of oral health problems.

What is the Procedure for Dental X-Rays?

If you are a new patient, we will take a full set of x-rays during your first appointment. Established patients with no history of oral health problems will have x-rays every two years. X-rays are taken after your cleaning. A special mouthpiece is inserted between your teeth. The technician goes to a separate room to take the x-ray.

Preparing for Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays require no special preparation. If you have a thyroid condition or are pregnant, please let us know.

Recovery from Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are quick, easy and painless. No special recovery is required. Dr. Kacham will review the images during your appointment and discuss any findings that influence your treatment plan.

How Much Do Dental X-Rays Cost in Jupiter?

Dental insurance covers dental x-rays, but you may have some out-of-pocket expenses. After your consultation, we provide a complete cost, including what we consider covered under your insurance. Your portion of the cost can be paid with cash, personal check, credit card, or CareCredit®, a lending company that offers dental financing.

Are Dental X-Rays Right for Me?

Dental x-rays are a key part of every oral health plan and are recommended for children, teenagers, and adults.

As part of keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful for many years, Smiles Dentistry offers dental x-rays for children, teenagers, and adults who live in Palm Beach County, including Jupiter and West Palm Beach. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Sharada Kacham, DDS.